logo-big Welcome to PureGreek!

We love olives. We’re a little obsessed, actually.

But we’re also picky about our olives. Any olive won’t do, it
has to be real – it has to be organic.

Why is that? Conventional production uses Caustic Soda
to mature green olives instead of the original, traditional
salty mixture. Caustic Soda kills all nutrients and vitamins
natural and essential to olives. Black olives mature on trees,
and needs to be picked at a very specific moment. That’s
time consuming production right there. To get around that, industrial
production gets around that by coloring green olives.

So, as I was saying, we love olives. But only if they’re
authentic. That’s why we say “Back to organic” back to our
roots. Also, organic production is our future. Won’t be much
left for the next generations without it. We’re embracing a
fully comprehensive and holistic respect for nature.

Why settle for less?

Sofie Tvarno

Founder and CEO, Pure Greek.com ltd.
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